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A Constant Community Presence

It is hard to believe it is almost March!  Two months of 2017 gone just like that.  2016 was a year of unexpected change but just like our resilient clients, we have bounced back with new ideas and partnerships.  We continue to benefit from collaborating with community partners to stay informed and responsive to community needs.  FCC is dedicated to being a compassionate and constant presence and we are grateful for the addition of several new board members that are passionate about the agency’s impact in the community.

While we’ve sadly had to let go of our outreach program, we are deeply committed to maintaining a strong presence in all our offsite locations.  Breaking down barriers and accessible counselling is what we have and will continue to strive to provide.  Can you imagine trying to board a crowded bus when you are vulnerable to panic attacks or overwhelming fear because of anxiety or trauma?  Can you imagine not being able to seek support because you can’t afford a bus ticket, let alone gas money for a car?  These are the realities of our clients and we will continue to meet them where they are at.  We are also piloting a new System Navigation program to assist clients in ensuring they make the local connections they need to move forward in their lives.

How can you help?  This year will be our third year running the Juke Box Mania– a night of music trivia, food and fun.  If you own or know someone who owns a business, please consider donating a silent auction prize or sponsoring our event.  There are great perks for our sponsors and you might love the agency so much that you decide, like last year’s Silver Sponsor, to join our Board.  Why not become a volunteer?  We may be small but our love for the community and dedication to clinical excellence, you will discover, is contagious as you realize more and more none of us are immune.

FCC has been a constant community presence.  We’ve been around for more than 75 years, the oldest counselling agency in the region because of you, the people who care about your neighbours and recognize that we are more similar than different.  We all need compassion and the chance to heal and thrive.  Together we are transforming lives and breaking the cycle of abuse.

Nicole, March 2017

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