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A New Day

Tree at Sunrise
The women, men and children who bravely seek our support are resilient and resourceful. But due to life circumstances and family history, the things that you and me may take for granted like attending a social gathering can be a nightmare for many of our clients.  At the Family Counselling Centre of Cambridge and North Dumfries we strive to offer our clients a safe place to remember and reconnect with their strengths.  We let them know they are not alone and they matter.  Together, with growing support from our community, we are reaching more people to help them experience a new day, a better day–one that may be filled with joy instead of dread or sorrow.



She looked around the crowded room, feeling overwhelmed by all the noise.

Gasping for breath, she felt as if the room was caving in on her.

She didn’t feel like she belonged.

Her heart began to beat faster.

Her face felt like it was on fire.

As much as she tried desperately to turtle inwards, she began to panic.

She convinced herself that 1000 eyes were staring at her; penetrating the very depths of her soul; shining a neon light on all her insecurities and imperfections.

She felt exposed, naked, powerless.

Sobbing, she ran desperately outside, struggling to breathe in the fresh air.

She cowered against the side of the building. Heavy rain pelted against her shaking body.

Wondering, with despair if it would ever get better, if she would ever feel normal again.

Then she remembered and she placed one hand lovingly on her heart and the other on her belly and closed her sweet eyes. “I’m safe”, she whispered. “I can handle this.

May I be at peace.”

Her breathing started to slow down as a rainbow peaked out and the air began to dry up.

“I’m not alone.” She began to chant with confidence as she reached for her phone to call her friend.

Within minutes she felt the familiar embrace of her best friend’s arms holding her, soothing her, reminding her of her strength and her beauty.

As she got bravely back up to walk to her friend’s car, instead of berating herself, she celebrated with love and gentleness at how long she had been able to stay this time.

Knowing each courageous step forward was bringing her a little closer to freedom.

Each breath was a fresh start.  Each day, a new day.

Nicole Schiener, ClinicianNicole Schiener, Clinical Supervisor 2016


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