Wisdom from our Residents

“Turn your wounds into wisdom”- Oprah Winfrey    

Since the pandemic started I have had the honour of facilitating three different virtual groups for our recovery home residents. I was met with gratitude and a willingness to go deep with the men and women who FCC supports through our Addiction Services.  In our last group offering, we invited the residents to reflect on Identity; what aspects of their identity do they need to let go of as they move through recovery and beyond, what old positive identities are they working to reclaim and what new identities do they aspire to. There was so much wisdom and vulnerability that sprung out of these discussions.

With rates of substance use and overdose on the rise, we asked our members to share some words of wisdom for those struggling and feeling vulnerable to turning to substances as a way of coping. Below is some of what they shared:

  • Using drugs or alcohol is not a coping mechanism.  It’s self-sabotage. The problem will still be there tomorrow, (along with more problems usually).
  • No matter what feeling or whatever you’re going through drugs or alcohol is not the answer.
  • Addiction robbed me of everything; of being me. My whole life was being fake.
  • Drinking and drugging never resolved the pain. It was always there the next day.
  • We use because we feel lonely but using makes us feel even more lonely.
  • Don’t get weighed down by the past. Everyday is a fresh start.
  • Feeling what I feel is okay. I’m learning I’m allowed to feel my emotions and I can handle them.
  • We can find strength and hope in remembering we are not alone. We can go for a walk, make a pros-and-cons list, talk positively to ourselves or pray.
  • You can change your mindset get out of the victim role, learn to say no and borrow others’ enthusiasm and gratitude.
  • Remember when you feel vulnerable to relapse, look at how far you’ve come. Don’t give up.

These brave men and women are learning what’s possible with the right support and having safe shelter. As you may know we need your help! Saginaw, the place our male residents have called home for 11 years is being sold. Please read the details here and help out in anyway you can. Together we are growing stronger.