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Do You Worry Yourself Sick?

Have you ever been faced with a major decision; making a change, trying something new, leaving a relationship or investing in yourself and instead of going for it you made yourself sick with worry? This is a pattern I know all too well- worrying whether it is the right decision, whether I will fail or if I can afford it. As a “recovering people pleaser”, there’s been a lot of worry over the years about how my decisions will affect others. Sadly, for a long time, I falsely believed that if I invested in myself somehow I was taking from or even hurting others. Does this sound familiar?

As I’ve learned the mind can only see what we could lose not what we can gain, and boy does my mind like to highlight in bright flashing neon all the possible losses. What about you? I believe the inner conflict created between feeling a pull to move forward while allowing fear and self-doubt to pull us backwards can easily manifest in our bodies in physical health or mental health challenges. If you find yourself struggling with a lot of colds or headaches, chronic pain or increasing anxiety or low energy, perhaps it is time to take an honest look at your life.

Some powerful questions to ask? Am I where I want to negativespace-12be? Do I feel I am using all of my gifts? Do I feel energized and excited about the work I do and the relationships I’m in? If you answered Yes to these, congratulations, it looks like you are following your inner compass and those around you will benefit greatly.

But what if you dread and resent work or relationship commitments? What if you put everyone else first and end up feeling drained or exhausted or you are numbing or distracting or self-medicating yourself?

If you answered “Yes” to anything in the second list, then the invitation is to reach out and reconnect with your inner expert. Don’t quiet the voice or ignore your truth. You deserve to live the fullest, happiest life possible.

In a safe, non-judgemental environment we can help you begin to explore what is holding you back. Abuse or bullying from the past can rear its ugly head years, even decades later.  Often we can find ourselves taking on roles in early life to win approval and love only to end up never feeling good enough.  Are you ready to let go and step more fully into all that you were meant to become? We can help. Walk-in runs Thursdays 1-7pm.  We also have supportive groups for men and women running every week.  Knowing you are not alone can be half the battle to transforming your life.  


Nicole, September, 2016

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