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Dreaming Together

Over fifty years ago Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his powerful speech about a dream in which he envisioned equal treatment and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.  Despite a constant uphill battle and social atrocities and tragedies, Dr. King taught us to never stop dreaming of a better tomorrow.

Martin Luther King

Much like MLK Jr., our long standing commitment to the community is fueled by a similar dream and many of our programs, in particular, our Healthy Relationships groups promote his vision of equal opportunity for all.

Through innovation, community collaborations, student internships, ongoing government support of our major programs and additional support from the community through fundraising events and corporate and private donations, FCC has maintained our commitment to our dreams despite an uncertain economy and changing government. 

In addition to our Partner Assault Response (PAR) program for men and women, our Violence Against Women (Women Helping Women) group and our Healthy Living Group for men, we offer “Taming the Dragon”, a school based group for kids coping with anxiety and collaborate with the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council to provide Living with Loss groups.  We are passionate about prevention and believe in the power of the human spirit to not just heal but to thrive when provided with the right support and opportunities. Exciting partnerships have been formed and new programming is being created to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable in our community, especially children and their caregivers.

As awareness about mental health and violence against women increases, waitlists for support rise. People want to heal. They are ready.  We can help. As men look for guidance around how to foster healthy masculinity within themselves and their children, we are here providing the answers.

If you’ve been looking for a way to invest in your community and bring more meaning to your life, know that making a donation to our agency will do both for you and the people who so desperately need the support. No amount is too small and if you really want to make a difference, we invite you become a monthly sponsor.  Your donation may be just what is needed to make someone’s dream a reality. 

Or if you want to be more hands on, the donation of your time at one of our events is great, fun way to help us keep meeting the growing needs of the community.  And of course, sharing is caring.  If you read something that inspires or empowers you or that you think others could benefit from, please share our posts and program and event announcements to help us spread the word and touch more people’s lives.  Together we can be the change.

Nicole Schiener, Clinician
Nicole Schiener,
Feb, 2019
Published inCounsellingGroups

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