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Embracing Change


As the warmth of summer quickly gives way to the present cooler Fall1climate, September marks many changes.  The Region has come alive with the added energy of a host of new and returning College and University students.  Here at the agency, we are thrilled to welcome the arrival of four new interns sure to bring enthusiasm and a diverse skill set to their work over the coming months.  Many in my own cohort reached the milestone of sending their little ones off to school for the first time or as in my case into the inaugural “grade one.”  I sincerely hope my last blog, has helped save some of your sanity as you’ve faced any fall transitions.

Celebrating how local agencies create change is central to the United Way campaign which launched earlier this month.   United Way SymbolToday marked this agency’s 72nd Annual General Meeting.  Once again we celebrated the ways in which our individual and group programs have promoted change for our clients and the community. We were delighted to have Heather Froome from the Region share about the variety of ways a local counselling collaborative, of which we are proud to belong, has been transforming people’s lives.

Change is the essence of life.  Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.

This is the caption underneath a picture of a butterfly that hangs in my office, both as inspiration to my clients as well as a personal reminder of the importance of creating and embracing change.

While I definitely support change and growth as essential parts of living, I can empathize with my client’s resistance and must admit I have been known to kick and scream a little when faced with some impending change.  I think I’m not alone either in those times I’ve found myself feeling surprisingly sad after big milestones.  I encourage clients to honour the natural but often unacknowledged grieving process necessary with any change, not just loss.  I have always believed in clients’ readiness for change and David Burns has reported huge success since honouring client’s resistance and making it explicit. Inherent in the possibilities associated with change, there are also challenges such as:  fears of moving out of one’s comfort zone or becoming vulnerable, the fear of failure or not being accepted.  We cling to what we know, even if it is self-destructive for fear of the alternative; the unknown.  Embracing change means we have to first acknowledge the value in our resistance.  What self-protective purposes does it serve?  Only then, are we able to gently move past these fears towards transforming our lives for the better.

A book that transformed my life is “Embracing Uncertainty” by Susan Jeffers.  I hope it brings you inspiration also.

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