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FCC’s Report to the Community 2018


Staff Testimonials

As I reflect on the theme “We Belong to Each Other” I can’t help but feel that this is exactly what the staff and volunteers of FCC embody each and every day in their roles.  When I began my high school placement there I never would have thought it was the beginning of many years to come working along side such caring and dedicated individuals.  From my first day walking through the front doors of FCC, I have always felt like a member of the family in all my roles as being staff, volunteer and as a community member.  FCC is an organization that invites everyone to the table, to lean on them during hard times and to work together towards supporting mental health in our very own community.  As my chapter as a staff member of FCC came to a close this past summer to continue on my career, FCC saw my hopes and goals and supported me every step of the way, because this is who they are.  Leaving my role was a tearful experience to say the least because of the wonderful relationships built over the years. Of course I did not say goodbye but see you later, as I’ll always continue to drop in and say hello and attend events and fundraisers such as Juke Box Mania.  FCC is an agency that lives to build strong and collaborative relationships, so whether you are a client, have a family member or friend who has received supports, or a community member who cares, call or walk in to see how you can support FCC in their work to support our city whether you can donate money or your time, we all have something unique to offer.  See you all at Juke Box Mania!
-Mackenzie Pratt

As a previous intern with the FCC, I had such a great experience of learning.  The staff are knowledgeable and are motivated to work on different projects in order to see change in the community.  I admire that they try to reach out to people outside of the agency either by having satellite locations so it is more assessable for clients or by presentations in the school system or other locations.  I now have the privilege of working with the Family Counselling Centre of Cambridge & North Dumfries.
-Dalia Wood

When I worked for FCC, it was easy for me to quickly get a sense of belonging with everyone there.  Everyone is so dedicated to doing the great work that they do, it was easy to follow suit.  The commitment to helping everyone in the community, not only through counselling, but also through Outreach, group work, and even just showing up at other events to show support and connection within the community was astounding to me.  This is why it was important to me to do that little bit extra by volunteering my time to help with fundraising, particularly for Juke Box Mania.  Volunteering for that event is made even easier because it is so much fun.  Doing good work is easier when the funding is already there.  But being able to provide more service, to meet more community needs by raising additional funds is truly rewarding.  I now work for another community agency but I still see the value the agency adds to the community which is why I continued helping.  Because I believe even doing the smallest of things like giving up some of my time can make a big difference to someone out there.  I still very much feel like part of the FCC family, and part of my community.  Thank you all for doing what you do!
-Tammy Laundrie