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Get Your Groove on for a Good Cause

Get Your Groove on for a Good Cause
Juke Box Mania 2016

I love how my birthday falls at the end of winter.  It’s the perfect excuse to get out of the house and become social again.  Have you been hibernating this winter?  Has spring fever got you itching to get out and reconnect with friends, families or co-workers?  It’s time for some fun.  We have the event for you!  In its third year running,  Jukebox Mania, a dinner and music trivia night has proven to be the agency’s most popular fundraiser in its 76 years of transforming lives in your community.  Tickets are now on sale at the Main Agency location and are selling fast, so don’t miss out.  Get your groove on for a good cause!

Music has the power to move us physically and emotionally.  It has both the power to soothe and to energize.  Many musicians have used their song lyrics to inspire, to challenge societal pressures or to raise awareness.  I’ve often used music to turn my mood around.  I’m always amazed when the words to a song stick in our heads and come back when the first few beats play; just like an old friend, you’re never forgotten.  If this is your special talent, you definitely won’t want to miss Jukebox Mania!

Get Your Groove on for a Good Cause!
Juke Box Mania 2016

With your help, we can make this year’s event, happening on Friday May 26, 2017, the most successful year yet and put much needed resources back into vital community programming.  Purchase tickets by May 20th at 18 Walnut St. or call (519) 621-5090.  Tickets make a great Mother’s or Father’s Day gift or as a “thank you” for your employees or an excuse for date night or a girls’ night out.

Are you looking to raise awareness about the work you do and increase your social capital?  We would love to feature your company at our event!  We welcome silent auction donations and have different levels of Corporate Sponsorships.  This year we will be featuring some poetry from one of the agency’s clinical supervisors so you can get a real feel for the work we do and the power of the human spirit to heal and overcome even the most tragic of circumstances.

Nicole, April 2017





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