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The Gift of Healing


Promoting healing, hope and healthy relationships is what we do here at FCCCND.  At our recent AGM, we talked about the importance of hope and all the ways we and like minded community agencies are working to provide hope to local community members.  When writing these blogs, my hope is to help foster healthy relationships, beginning with your relationship to yourself. 

Recently at a workshop on vicarious trauma, we were asked why we do this work.  For me, it was an easy answer; being witness time after time to the power of the human spirit (and physical body) to heal.  Life is hard and no matter how much we try to eradicate violence and illness, suffering continues to abound.  But the good news is there are countless ways to promote physical and emotional healing. 

Here’s a list of 10 of my favourite Healing Helpers with links to previous blogs you might have missed or want to revisit:

1) Cultivate self-compassion.

2) Learn to love the body you are in.  Make a commitment to nurture food-items-for-sale-on-street-market-725x544yourself with healthy foods and regular physical exercise.

3) Harness the amazing power of your emotions to help you identify and honour your needs.

4) Slow down and regularly recharge your batteries.

5) Get creative and use your imagination.

6) Engage in practices from mindful meditation, neuroscience, and cognitive behavioural therapy to help rewire your brain towards more positivity and resilience.

7) Spend less time in front of a screen and more time in the presence of yoganature. 

8) Get connected.  Both informal and formal supports act as the biggest buffer against stress, depression and physical illness.

For a complete list of social service resources in Ontario, check out

9) Find your voice.  Take part in opportunities to advocate and educate. 

10 ) Finally look for the opportunities or hidden messages within a difficult situation from the past or present.  Ask yourself, as Paula Todd did of her subjects in the book A Quiet Courage, What are the possible gifts in this crisis?

Remember healing can be hard.  It can involve making a major lifestyle change or delving into deep, troubling emotions.  But you are worth it!

We are here to help you begin your journey towards healing.  Join us on Thursdays beginning at 1 pm at our walk-in counselling clinic and like our facebook page to follow our blogs and other helpful links as well as keep abreast of the agency’s events.

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