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Leading with Love

We are not in the business of getting rich, but for over 75 years we have been deeply committed to enriching lives.  Hearing people’s stories and circumstances first hand, we know people are not to blame for their struggles, and communities that care and support mental health are strong, safe communities.  Despite world trends putting more emphasis on the core issues we deal with – mental health, domestic violence and sexual abuse – uncertainty, extraneous application and reporting requirements and cutbacks make it harder for us to rely on government funding alone.  Some of you may feel non-profits are a drain on the economy or fear not having enough yourselves.  But when we all work to ensure individuals have affordable and accessible opportunities to heal and improve their mental health, everyone benefits, and prevention ultimately puts money back into the economy.  So easily our circumstances could change, and we could find ourselves struggling. 

    What is the answer?  Do we give up? For us, it is simple – love.  We love the work we do, the community we serve and the red-wooden-heart-725x544partnerships we have fostered.  We love being a part of so many region wide collaborations.  Through love we have changed lives and are planting seeds for a safer, healthier community.  Whether it is helping a woman leave and heal from an abusive relationship or empowering a parent or shining the light for someone moving out of depression or equipping someone with tools to reduce anxiety and trauma symptoms, we are helping people learn to love themselves.  For every client we see there are at least ten more people whose lives will also be touched by this support. 

    We will continue to innovate, be creative, follow the research, stretch the dollar and focus more on prevention.  When you choose to invest in FCC or come as a full fee paying client, not only are you enriching your life but those of so many.  Want to feel the love?  Like our Facebook Page and share our posts.   Attend, volunteer and donate to our upcoming event.  Throw a fundraiser on our behalf.  Why not consider joining our board?  With your help, we can show that love is stronger than fear, stronger than any evil done to another or any tragedy or hardship.  Together we can create a vision of a vibrant, thriving community where everyone feels loved.


Nicole, Feb, 2016



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