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Learning to love the body you are in!


As we move into the warmer season, many of us can feel inadequate or even embarrassed by revealing our “imperfections”.  How many of you have complained of your “chunky thighs” or “spare tire”?  Many women and men grow up feeling ashamed of their bodies because of society’s obsession with appearance and/or childhood experiences of bullying or abuse.

Some people overeat out of loneliness, boredom or as a way to comfort themselves or avoid overwhelming feelings.  For some, when life feels out of control, food consumption becomes the one area people feel they can control. Food becomes both the companion and the enemy.  Geneen Roth, highlights these ideas in her bestselling book, “Women, Food and God”.

So how can you start loving the body you are in?

woman-exercise-time-by-practicing-yoga-poses-457x544First stop the yo-yo dieting and self-deprivation that sets us up to fail. Self-acceptance comes from dispelling the “beauty myth” (as Naomi Wolf coined it) and moving towards a realistic view of our bodies. Check out “Health at Every Size”, a research based movement;

I strongly believe people need to be encouraged to honour their bodies by valuing them as multi-dimensional, encompassing not only the physical appearance but essential functions such as mobility, digestion and reproduction.  Supportive counselling can help you heal from unresolved issues from your past.  Therapists empower individuals to replace unhealthy coping with self-supportive strategies.  These include:  exercise, reading, journaling, mindfulness, listening to music and engaging in holistic healing approaches.  Focus on nourishing your body with natural foods and finding pleasurable ways to move your body.  Local intensive support for eating disorders is available through Trellis,

Need a fun motivator to move your body this summer in support of a great cause? Kin Club of Woolwich’s Amazing Race is on July 21, 2012.  Team Registration opened May 1st!  You can dedicate your team or pledges in support of FCCCND at  

group-amazing race

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