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Let the Music Move You

  Music has the power to move us physically and emotionally.  Many of us probably remember being lulled to sleep by a sweet melody or classical music.  My new “club experience” for a while after becoming a parent was Saturday mornings at the library where we would dance to popular music with our little ones.  Kitchen dance parties are also a favourite in our home where we choose from a wide variety of artists.  Since, its release, like most parents and grandparents, I quickly learned all the words to the Disney classic “Let it Go.”  

    Music is also something that connects generations like when you see  young and old dancing together at a wedding or when parents introduce their children to their favourite bands or take their kids’ to their first concert.  When my nieces were little, I loved watching the girls go crazy when we would put on our Elvis CD.  During a thunder storm, I put on ACDC’s “Thunder Struck” while my kids were on the porch and I couldn’t stop laughing as they screamed out “Thunder Storm” as loud as their little lungs would let them.

    I also love how music has both the power to soothe and to energize.  Many musicians have used their song lyrics to inspire; to PERFORMERchallenge societal pressures or to raise awareness. I couldn’t be happier as a therapist and a mom to have such a variety of songs to share with my clients and family and love when clients identify with an empowering song like “Roar” by Katy Perry or Rachel Platt’s “Fight Song.”  Listening to the favourite music of a loved one who is no longer with us can also help us feel close or give us a sense of comfort.

    I’m always amazed by how for many people, the words to a song stick into our heads and come back when the first few beats play like an old friend, you’ve never forgotten.  These uplifting tunes can almost instantaneously fill us with joy.  My kids are always in awe of how I can jump into most songs and start singing along no matter how long it has been since I’ve heard the song. 

    In a life that has become so fast paced and stressful, wouldn’t it be nice to just escape from it all, even for one night?  That’s what Juke Box Mania is all about.  At Family Counselling Centre, we know life can feel too serious and we believe counselling should not just focus on problems but more importantly, we help people reconnect with the joy in their lives.  That’s why we have chosen to bring back the event that has gotten rave reviews in Ottawa, Juke Box Mania, to Cambridge.  With your help, we can make this year’s event an even bigger success and put much needed resources back into vital community programming.  See the poster below and check out our website to join the fun by purchasing your tickets before they sell out!

NicoleNicole                    JBM Poster 2016




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