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Let’s hear it for Dads


As a Certified Gottman Educator, a few years ago I learned about some research on the importance of dads. Literature from the Bringing Baby Home (TM) Program indicates that the sooner and this-dad-and-his-two-young-children-were-on-their-way-361x544more involved dads are in pregnancy and infant care, the calmer and easier to sooth baby will be.  And contrary to what some may believe dads are just as skilled as moms when it comes to soothing and reading baby’s cues.  We just have to give them time alone to create their own special rituals and opportunities for bonding.  Dads rough and tumble play with babies and toddlers actually teach young children how to self-regulate and self-sooth.  And the quality of dad’s connection to the children and his partner has a huge impact as to whether or not mom develops postpartum depression.

What about Emotion Coaching? 

Dr. Gottman's book
Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

While many dads can contribute to their children’s development by coaching a sports team or volunteering for school events, there is an even more important type of coach dads need to become.  A father that teaches his son or daughter how to understand and express his or her emotions safely has been found to have a positive, long term impact on a child’s social, emotional and cognitive skills. Learn all about it in Dr. Gottman’s book. 

Looking for a fun father son activity this summer in support of a great cause? Kin Club of Woolwich’s Amazing Race is on July 21, 2012.  Team Registration opened May 1st!  You can dedicate your team or pledges in support of FCCCND at  

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