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Out with the Old

Spring is just around the corner.  Are you getting the itch to spring clean? If you found this winter especially hard, perhaps this year it is time to do more than just clean out your closets.  While spring is alltop-branches-of-lemon-408x544 about new beginnings and planting new seeds, first we have to dig through the dirt and pull out the weeds.  We are creatures of habit and over time we can create negative pathways in the brain that leave us feeling stuck and even hopeless. 

What is weighing you down?  What beliefs are no longer serving you?  What relationships are holding you back?  What activities are you noticing that leave you feeling drained rather than energized?  Most importantly what hopes and dreams have you buried deep inside, hidden behind fear and all kinds of reasons why it won’t or can’t work?

Taking inventory of our lives is hard work.  Trust me I know.  I just spent an intense month examining many of my mistaken beliefs and fears as I worked towards completing my first children’s book combining the wisdom I have gained from my clients and the field with my love for poetry.  This was humbling, heart wrenching, but also incredibly healing work and I am hopeful my book will be published sometime this year.

I invite you to roll up your sleeves and toil in the garden of your soul.  Why not try writing down all the thoughts, people and activities that are holding you back?  What have you got to lose?  Maybe unhealthy people and things that are leaving you feeling burdened and exhausted.  As you clear away the soil you make room for the new, that which energizes and fills you up.  In this beautiful supportive space, you can begin to plant your beautiful dreams.  We all have special gifts and talents that the world desperately needs.  We can’t spend our lives trying to please or rescue others.  The only person who gets to define your value and worth is you.

“This sounds great in theory, Nicole, but I can barely get through the sunsetday!”  I hear you, but remember you do not have to do this alone!  Optimal healing and change does not happen in isolation.  I invite you to tap into your courage and come to a weekly walk-in counselling session.  The first step is always the hardest, but once you are here you will find a safe space where you can gain tools to help you get rid of the old and shine your beautiful light.

NicoleNicole, Mar 2016


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