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Partner Assault Response (PAR) for Men and Women


Abuse is not only physical violence. There are many forms of abuse that are hurtful and harmful and need to stop…emotional, mental, social, financial, verbal intimidation, sexual.

Since 1992 the PAR program has provided counselling and education groups to individuals who have been abusive and/or controlling to their partners. PAR is a post-conviction program that emphasizes personal accountability and safety of the family.

Clients, both male and female, are usually referred through the court system.  A formal partner contact process is also an important part of the program.

The group is a safe, non-judgmental environment where group members learn new skills to help in their relationships with others. Groups are facilitated by a trained team of one male and one female. Group members may choose from evening or afternoon groups.

The court-referred program is funded in part by the Ministry of the Attorney General.  Group members also pay a minimal fee as part of the accountability process.

To enroll in the program or for additional information, contact the Family Counselling Centre of Cambridge & North Dumfries at (519)621-5090, and ask for the PAR Coordinator.

Special Assistance

Interpreters can be provided to assist non-English speaking clients or clients who are hearing impaired. Interpreters have received special training related to domestic violence. Interpreters follow the agency guidelines in relation to client confidentiality.

Goals of PAR Groups

Group members will:

  • be held accountable for their actions;
  • develop an understanding of the impact of abuse on others;
  • learn positive ways to express feelings and healthy ways of coping with stress;
  • practice effective communication and development of healthy relationships;
  • develop an understanding of the connection between early learning and current behaviour; and
  • explore their views of male-female roles and sexist attitudes.

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