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Plant the Seeds of Self-Care this Spring

I’ve been reading a lot about challenging the notion of self-care as selfish.  Even though this is not a new conversation, I think the message is popping up more because of the rise of mental health issues faced by both men and women.  I’ve seen so many mothers, myself included for a while, forget that we are still people and if anything I’ve learned we need to do more to take care of ourselves, with the added pressure of little people.  I can relate to a lot of the clients as a former “people pleaser” to the tendency to put everyone else first.  But in the impossible effort to please, instead of being filled with joy and energy, this is often the road to resentment and depletion.   I’ve learned some valuable lessons as both a parent and a professional that have led to daily injections of self-care as a necessity and something I highly recommend to all my clients.  Plant the seeds of self-care this spring!

While we can keep ourselves busy with our children’s activities, at some point they grow up.  If you’ve been basing your identity or worth on what you do at home or at work instead of on the beautiful person you are simply for being born, chances are you will feel sad and more vulnerable to depression when the children are gone and retirement hits.  How sad when these are supposed to be your golden years.  But without ongoing awareness and time for personal interests such as creative endeavours, an important social cause or regular exercise, we lose our motivation and purpose for living.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  For all the criticisms against millennials, I have to say they are on to something with their focus on “work life balance.”   In an age where boundaries are needed more than ever to protect our time, it is crucial to unplug and detach from work and find meaning outside of work.  We are not robots and our children need free time.  So do you!

Sitting with your feelings, taking time to grieve losses or times of transition is also self-care.  I believe we all have some kind of creative expression just waiting to be unleashed in the world.  It is never too late to try and you never know the incredible ripple effect your self-care could have in the world.

So what are you waiting for?  Perhaps you’ve been waiting to feel worthy or need help working through guilt.  We can help you let go of unhelpful beliefs and learn to treat yourself with compassion?   A single solution focussed session can help you gain clarity about what you most want and identify the barriers that have been holding you back.  Sometimes we can’t move forward because of things that have happened in the past.  Counselling is a great way to work through any unresolved losses or perhaps just another layer of the onion.  Call (519) 621-5090 or come to our weekly walk-in clinic offered Thursdays to get started.  Our services are covered by most insurance companies and we have staff with decades of experience.

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Happy Spring, Nicole
March 2017


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