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Relax, Refresh, Recharge


I recently had a conversation with our clinical supervisor about how hectic modern life has become and the impact this is having on families everywhere.  More and more people are working overtime or double time and pulling off amazing feats of multi-tasking both at work and at home.  This can take its toll and lead to exhaustion, illness and even relationship difficulties.

Dale Carnegie, in his book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” emphasized the importance of breaks.  Taking time to slow the body and the mind down makes us more efficient and productive, according to Carnegie.  Rather than working through lunch, why not go for a walk or just sit quietly away from the computer?  Stretch and breath to regain focus and buffer against workplace stress.  There is also healing power in laughter and social support.  So share some jokes or a meaningful conversation with co-workers or call a loved one.

Flowers buds by Jon Sullivan
Flowers buds by Jon Sullivan

Summer fortunately provides a natural opportunity to slow down and literally “smell the roses”.  With many people booking vacations or at least enjoying long weekends, it seems like the perfect chance to relax, refresh and recharge.  But it is also too easy to over-schedule your vacations or weekends and end up feeling more tired than rested.  Ask yourself, what activities or people are “life giving” or energizing and try to make these a priority.  At the same time, give yourself permission to say no or scale back on social or home improvement plans.

As I gear up to return from a week off, I am happy to report I was able to practice what I preach.  With trips to the park, the beach, young-boy-building-a-sand-castle-at-the-beach-725x544and a mixture of social time and quiet time, I have reaped the full benefits of recharging my batteries.  I sincerely hope you can do the same.

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