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It’s a new year and we hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and is staying warm during the bitter cold of January.  We know this time of year can bring its own set of challenges and reasons to be self-critical as we set goals to better ourselves and our lives.  But always remember you don’t need a day on the calendar to dictate anything.   While a New Year provides a fresh start, so does each moment.  While we can focus on changes for the better in our life, it is important to celebrate all the ways we are already perfectly imperfect and our life is blessed.

Why wait until Valentine’s Day to show our love to others?  Why not be loved and show love every day?  Start Now.  Recognizing and celebrating the love and labour of parents and grandparents should be a daily occurrence, not just on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.  And how many people actually celebrate Grandparents’ Day?

I invite you not to wait until someone’s birthday to make them feel special.  Do it just because it feels amazing to be both the giver and the receiver.  Do it when the mood strikes because so many people question their value and worth and feel invisible.  What better way to remind them of the truth of how much they matter then a surprise text, call, email, card or gift?  The value of the gesture is not measured by the money but the fact that you thought of them.  I love to publicly celebrate other people and know how good it feels to be acknowledged or surprised.

Let us never forget the truth of the tragedies and traumas that underlie the official holiday of Thanksgiving.  A daily practice of gratitude can remind us of the responsibility our privilege brings to right the wrongs of the past and honour the wisdom of our Native ancestors.  Let our recognizing and celebrating the good in our own life, no matter what struggles we are facing, protect us from the depths of deep despair and hopelessness that can overcome so many people.

May the spirit of generosity and gathering with loved ones be with us all year.  Imagine how the tragic gap between the rich and the poor would cease to exist if generosity replaced gluttony and waste and gratitude unveiled the illusion of scarcity and separateness in our society.  Let kindness and connection melt away the insatiable need to consume in order to feel good enough.

So when you fall short of your resolutions this year, which you will, be gentle with yourself.  Failure is part of the learning.  Change is a process.  Every moment, every day we can start again.  Start now being the change you wish to see in the world.

Contact our Executive Director to find out how you can be a part of incredible change here in our own community through volunteering for our annual event or being a corporate sponsor or agency donor.  Bring more meaning into your life and to those of your neighbours by sharing this post and our page.

Nicole, Jan 2018


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