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Taming the Dragon

Our anxiety program for students under 12 years of age.  A new connection with Cambridge & North Dumfries Foundation enabled us to connect with Waterloo Region District School Board and, in turn, a number of elementary schools in Cambridge, Ayr and Kitchener.  We now offer anxiety groups to students in seventeen different schools.  Through those connections we are able to help create change in children’s lives and the lives of their family members.

Taming the Dragon:  Dealing with Anxiety – the Kids’ Version

Why do we worry?    Anxiety is a common and normal experience.  Before we have learned to tame our worry dragons they can be bossy and sneaky and get us to worry.  It is not helpful to worry.

You can participate in six group sessions to help you meet your dragon and learn how to help her/him behave in a more responsible way.