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The Gift of a Fresh Start


I love the build up of the holidays, the lights, the music, thechristmas-tree-725x544 anticipation of small children.  Most of all, I am inspired and overjoyed to see the spirit of giving that is so alive in this community.  We know there is a deep need in this region that stretches far beyond the month of December.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of complacency, we were able to keep this spirit of giving alive?  These blogs are one way I intend to do that and I sincerely appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten from folks local and around the world on their impact.

After two years of perpetual sickness and low energy (two children under the age of 5 explains a lot) I realized I needed to practice what I preach and re-prioritize self-care back into my life. Unfortunately with most New Year resolutions, we often find ourselves slipping back into old ways quickly, feeling like failures and confused as to where we went wrong.  Before setting goals we need to first examine our feelings about change and learn to gleam the invaluable information our emotions have to offer. 

top-branches-of-lemon-408x544To move forward, we have to believe we are worth the change and make it a priority in our lives.  We need a vision of which I believe includes the value these changes will have on ourselves and those around us.  Finally we need to be SMART about the goals we set. I chose something (S) specific and (M) measurable: a weekly bubble bath; time just for me to recharge and refresh.  This was definitely (A) attainable and (R) realistic.  I started the first week in January so it was also (T) timely rather than a distant dream with no set date to begin.  Nearly every week for 52 weeks I was able to stick to this goal along with daily walking to my son’s school.  I can see the positive ripple effect of these simple measures as well as a move away from multi-tasking and regular vitamins and supplements.

So be SMART about this year’s goals and I sincerely hope that when we have a setback (we all do) then rather than giving up and returning to old ways we will be compassionate and patient with ourselves.  Remember, if you’ve learned something you haven’t failed. 

NicolePlease give us the gift of your feedback.  Comment here or on our facebook page.     

Nicole, Jan 2013



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