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Honouring Your Boundaries


  1. Boundaries can be space but also emotional, mental/intellectual, privacy, spiritual and sexual in nature.
  2. Having boundaries respected allows people to feel safe, secure and valued.
  3. Everyone has a right to their boundaries.  Boundaries taken too far can become too rigid interfering with opportunities for positive connection.
  4. Listen to that little voice inside you and honour it.  Do you feel comfortable or not in a situation.
  5. If it is safe, let a person know when he/she has crossed your boundary.  They may not realize it.
  6. It is important to model healthy boundaries for your children.
  7. Name calling or put downs is a boundary violation.  Make rules in your house that do not allow this harmful behavior.
  8. Separate your loved one (child or adult) from his/her behavior. Setting limits about behavior is healthy.
  9. Practice saying “no” to simple requests.  Agreeing under pressure or feeling manipulated often leads to resentment and anger.
  10. Empower yourself by seeking professional support with a trained therapist if you are struggling with current or past issues related to boundary issues or want support around asserting your boundaries

NicoleNicole, Fall 2011

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