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Together We Are Stronger

1/5 people experience a mental health issue in Canada and with the uncertainty and loss of the Pandemic, that number is rising rapidly, along with the rates of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Just like 80 years ago when we first answered the call from local community to support families post war, we are once again answering the call providing phone, and in some cases video sessions, to add more value to our social media platforms as we promote health and wellness in our communities.


I can’t see your eyes but I can see the depths of your soul – the pain and the power.

I can’t see your hands shake but I can hear the trembling in your voice.

I can’t see the tears you try desperately to fight back but I can hear the beautiful sigh of relief after letting them flow.

I can’t see the panic in your face but I trust in the wisdom of your body to soothe and calm yourself with just a little guidance.

I can’t hear the negative thoughts that torment you but I can sense the softening as you learn to be gentle with yourself.

I can’t see the exhaustion or the burden of guilt that weighs you down but I can hear the energy return as we challenge unfair societal expectations and affirm your right to honour what you need.

I can’t see the bruises on your arms or the scars on your battered heart but I can remind you that abuse is never your fault. You are not crazy and you deserve love, safety and respect.

I can’t see the strength hidden behind the anxiety but I can invite you to remember your incredible resilience and capacity to overcome adversity.

I can’t see your despair at the uncertainty, lack of control and loss all around you, but I can hold onto hope for you until you can find it again.

We might not be able to see each other’s faces but I can feel the depths of your soul.

And you are worthy of a compassionate witness, a cheerleader and a coach.

We are waiting for you on the other end of the phone. 

Nicole Schiener , April 2020   




Every week, Nicole Schiener, one of the agency’s registered psychotherapists and Cambridge YWCA’s 2020 Women of Distinction for a Non-Profit guides viewers through a live mind/body practice for soothing and calming the nervous system and body during these highly triggering times. You can watch live or catch the replays on our Facebook Page. And don’t forget to share.

5 Tips to Prevent Yourself from Getting Overwhelmed:

  1. Start and end your day with some mindful mediation (week #1 video in the Mindful Monday series walks you through how)
  2. Check in with yourself and be grounded into your present safety regularly (week #2 video walks you through a body scan and week #3 video guides you through safe/calm/peaceful place exercise)
  3. Limit the bad news story and look for the good. Local media personality, Natasha McKenty,  has been sharing wonderful local stories of resilience and generosity – you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram
  4. Let yourself cry and feel all your feels and then offer yourself some self-compassion (week #4 video)
  5. Find ways to create meaning in your life and give you a sense of hope. Give back to your community in whatever ways you can. We have the perfect opportunity. See below for our invite to become an agency ambassador.

Do you have a talent in marketing, fundraising, graphic design or public relations? Do you want to bring more meaning into your life while strengthening your community?

Email to collaborate.  Your community needs your time and talent! Your own health and emotional well being will benefit from your giving back.

Sharing and tagging friends in our posts is a super easy way to help your community learn the tools for building resiliency and fostering healing, hope and healthy relationships.


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