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Wellness Hub

Family Counselling Centre of Cambridge & North Dumfries are partnering with the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank to form the Wellness Hub.

Connecting Hubs: Identifying and connecting families through traditional access points (FCC, Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank, neighbourhood partners).  Expanding connection through Community Social Worker role.

Mental Health Supports: Expanding access through focussed Child and Family Clinicians; art and play therapy in Cambridge; delivering Taming the Dragon through Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank.

Grandparent’s Group

Working with our community partner, the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank, the Grandparents’ Program is for grandparents or other kin families who have assumed the responsibility of raising an immediate family member. This group provides an opportunity for members to share information, practical tips for daily living, and support and encouragement related to what may be an unexpected parenting role.

The group meets monthly and includes dinner, childcare, activities, and peer to peer support for adults.

This support is funded through the generosity of our individual, group, and corporate donors.

To learn more about Grandparent’s Group, contact Dianne at the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank at (519) 622-6550 extension 205.

Taming the Dragon

Our anxiety program for students under 12 years of age.  A new connection with Cambridge & North Dumfries Foundation enabled us to connect with Waterloo Region District School Board and, in turn, a number of elementary schools in Cambridge, Ayr and Kitchener.  Through those connections we are able to help create change in children’s lives and the lives of their family members.

Taming the Dragon:  Dealing with Anxiety – the Kids’ Version

Why do we worry?    Anxiety is a common and normal experience.  Before we have learned to tame our worry dragons they can be bossy and sneaky and get us to worry.  It is not helpful to worry.

You can participate in six group sessions to help you meet your dragon and learn how to help her/him behave in a more responsible way.